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Below you will find some sketches and cartoons that I have drawn. Many of these are 
from various boats that I have sailed on throughout the years, and depict workboat life in 
general. In addition to these, I have a collection of my comic "No Disrespect Intended" I 
drew while in the Navy, as well as some work from my sketchbook that I drew  while serving 
on the M/V Caribbean Mercy in the spring/summer of 1996. 



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Caribbean Mercy Sea Monster                                              Card Game                                             Slow Load

Budget Cuts                                             Celestial Navigation                                                         Timmy

                                                      el Perro Loco                                               Radar Plot                                                     Watchchange                                                                

      Tulane                                     Zombies                                                   Bob Blanchard                          

121st Sig Batt                                          Sgt. Haney                                             IOC Talent Show
Sauks Up Wine Label

Below you will find example of my "envelope art"...envelopes I like to design with cartoons when
 I write someone. These are some that my brother saved.  Click Here to see a larger collection...