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This website is to help my friends, family, and fellow Mercy Shippers keep up to date on where I am 
&  what I'm doing, instead of waiting for a postcard from yet another  strange country.  On this 
site I can post regular updates, photos, and the odd cartoon. This is, of course, my first website so 
bear with me if it doesn't always work properly. Email me with any problems you may be having, and 
I'll do my best to correct them,...providing they deal with my site and not your personal life.

About Me
I was born in Nashua, New Hampshire in 1970 &  spent my  childhood in or  near Nashua. I finally left upon 
joining the Navy in  1989. I served in  the Navy from 1989-1992, doing  a year of schooling in Great Lakes 
Naval Training Center, and 2 years  in California, mostly Long Beach Naval Station. I  was stationed on the 
Battleship USS Missouri for a period of 1 year & 9 months. My  ship  was  deployed to Kuwait for Operation 
Desert Storm in the Fall of 1990, and served for the duration of  the war, returning  home in the spring of 
1991. After my discharge in Feb. 1992, I returned home for a brief  period, then moved to New Orleans. After 
a year, I began working as  a Merchant Marine, first with Offshore Supply Vessels, then transferring  to Towing 
vessels, which remain  my main area of expertise. While on a tugboat  in Mexico in  the summer of  1993, I gave 
my life to Christ (John 3:3). Two weeks  after my decision, I left  New Orleans, and moved to Seattle, working  
as an A/B on 500 ton break bulk freighters plying Alaska's Aleutian Peninsula and Russian coastal waters.
 In April 1996 my strong desire to serve God led me to the Mercy Ships, a non-profit Christian charity that 
provides medical care, community development, and spiritual aid to poorer nations Through it's fleet of ships. 
After a short-term volunteer during an outreach to Nicaragua, I felt God was calling me to return someday. 
Since leaving the Mercy Ships, I have moved a few more times, worked a few more vessels, and visited a lot more 
countries. Most recently, I have been working as a Chief Mate on both Supply and Towing vessels, moving oil 
rigs, towing barges, and running anchors  throughout Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. I returned to the Mercy 
Ships in the summer of  2004, and  I am currently serving as an officer on the M/V Caribbean Mercy.
I  hold a 1600 ton (3000 ton ITC) Masters License w/ a Towing Endorsement & certification in GMDSS,
ARPA, and am STCW compliant. I hold an AB/unlimited MMD with a Tankerman PIC endorsement.

I look forward to hearing from all friends, old & new. May God Bless you!

Matthew 6:33