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I started working on boats in 1993.  I loved the time clock, no commute, and I got to travel to places I would
have never gotten to see. The money wasn't too shabby, either. I've got to meet the most incredible people you could
ever hope to meet. From a Captain who'd snuck into El Salvador during wartime to go surfing, to the guy who tried to
watch a solar eclipse through a pair of giant binoculars ("I thought they had a solar filter!"),  I've met some characters
I've worked this whole country, from the Aleutian Peninsula in Alaska to New York City. From the Mississippi River to
to the Caribbean and further beyond.  These pictures here below are a few photos of my ships and of my shipmates.

Tidewater Marine, These are photos taken in Coatzecualcos, Mexico, & Galveston TX on the M/V El Pato Grande & El Gato Grande...



     Western Pioneer, Alaska/Russia




     Vane Line Bunkering- These photos are different towing vessels. They were taken in locations from NYC to Norfolk.

I lived on a houseboat for a couple years in Baltimore. Here's us Moving my houseboat.


Andrie, Inc. (Great Lakes) Remember-The Post-Andrie Survivors Network meets the
first Thursday of every month in the basement of the First Baptist Church...B.Y.O.B.



Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean


            In 2001, I was involved in the raising of a section of the Civil War-era Ironclad Monitor. Below are some pictures...