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Constant Traveler

There are few things that I enjoy more than traveling. The many people who've gotten postcards from me throughout
the years could attest to that. Forty-something countries, Five continents, and every state but one. My favorite place? 
As the old saying goes, "The one I haven't been to yet." These are a few of the pictures I've captured along the way...

Middle East
Bahrain, 1991 (Operation Desert Storm)

Al-Aqba Mosque, Jerusalem                                Via Dolorosa                                           Wailing Wall          
St. Catherines Monastery                                                                     Masada                                     

                            Dead Sea                                   Cairo                                                                               Dahab, Sinai Penninsula                                    



  Pamukkale, Turkey                            Hagia Sofia, Instanbul                            Goreme, Cappadocia

Parthenon, Athens  

     Vatican City                                         Colosseum                                                                  The Alps            
                                  Zurich                                  Prague                                                         Budapaest                                                            

             Copenhagen                                    Brugge, Belgium                                         Paris



    England (Yorkshire & Lake District)


Edinburgh                                    Isle of Skye                                                             Loch Ness



Morocco & Gibraltar


The Caribbean
Viva Boston! (October 2004, of course!)                          "Cultural Experience"                                                   Frozen Hielo!!!