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Of the three years I spent in the Navy, two were spent stationed on board the
Battleship USS Missouri (BB-63). During our 6-month deployment for Operation
Desert Storm, I managed to draw a cartoon for the ships newspaper almost every
day. While many of these were lost over time, I've posted some of the better ones here.
Sorry,... my artistic skills were still developing, hence the occasional sloppiness.


During my time as ships cartoonist, I poked much fun at the ships Boiler Technicians, 
B Division. They took it in good humor, most of the time...

It's tradition in the US Navy when you cross the equator, those who have already been across (Trusty Shellbacks) 
initiate those who haven't (Slimy Wogs). My ship crossed on March 27, 1991, ,...and B division got their revenge...

This is my Proof of initiation into the Ancient Order of the Deep, identifying me as a Trusty Shellback.

When the ship got low on ammo, a three-day working party was scheduled. This cartoon sums up my feelings on them...

How the rumor that I didn't like officers got started, I have no idea. 
Ironically, I'm now an Officer on the Caribbean Mercy...

Spending the Holidays in the Middle East. As fun as it sounds!